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Competency-based Training Basics

Competency-based Training Basics

Rothwell William J.  Graber James M. 
edizioni Amer Society for Training & collana Amer Society for Training & (Paperback)

Competency-based training is a unique approach to training design that builds and enhances individual competencies in line with previously identified profiles of success. This training helps fill the gap between workers' actual performance and their ideal performance. Competency-Based Training Basics shows readers...

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Lean but Agile

Lean but Agile

Rothwell William J.  Graber James  McCormick Neil 
edizioni Amacom Books collana Amacom Books (Hardcover)

This practical guide to modern business management processes provides managers and other stakeholders with practical information and advice on creating efficient work force and productivity plans that are responsive, dynamic and scalable to quickly react to real world requirements. Topics discussed include work process...

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