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These Days Are Ours

These Days Are Ours

Haimoff Michelle 
edizioni Grand Central Pub collana Grand Central Pub (Paperback), 2012

Six months after September 11th, New Yorkers are instructed to get on with their lives despite the terror advisories, streets filled with 9/11 merchandise, and mail that may contain Anthrax. But for Hailey, still jobless after college and living in her family's Fifth Avenue penthouse, getting on with life means getting...

€ 12,90
Secret New York

Secret New York

Haimoff Michelle  Feierman Rachel (PHT) 
edizioni Interlink Pub Group Inc collana Interlink Pub Group Inc (Paperback), 2007

The 7,000-pound bronze bull behind Bowling Green is not supposed to be there. Nearly 20,000 slaves and free Blacks are buried near the Federal Office Building on Broadway. Queens boasts not just one but two major arts facilities. With extremely detailed descriptions, clear maps, and striking photography Haimoff and...

€ 16,00
Secret New York

Secret New York

Michelle Haimoff 
edizioni Arris Publishing Ltd, 2007

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€ 12,40