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The Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia

The Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia

Harms Daniel 
edizioni Elder Signs Pr collana Elder Signs Pr (Paperback) , 2008

This is the third edition of Daniel Harms' popular and extensive encyclopedia of the Cthulhu Mythos. Updated with more fiction listings and recent material, this unique book spans the years of H.P. Lovecraft's influence in culture, entertainment and fiction. The voluminous entries make The Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia...

€ 16,60
The Book of Oberon

The Book of Oberon

Harms Daniel  Clark James R.  Peterson Joseph H. 
edizioni Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd collana Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd (Hardcover) , 2015

Sitting a block away from the U.S. Capitol, the Folger Shakespeare Library holds one of the most unusual manuscripts of magic ever discovered. The book was written around the year 1580, a decade before Shakespeare began writing in earnest. This is a manual of magicians in search of results, who scribbled down whatever...

€ 65,80
Necronomicon Files

Necronomicon Files

Harms Daniel  Gonce John Wisdom III 
edizioni Red Wheel/Weiser collana Red Wheel/Weiser (Paperback) , 2003

€ 24,90