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Grammar Connection

Grammar Connection

Celce-Murcia Marianne (EDT)  Sokolik M. E. (EDT)  Houck Noel (CON)  Hilles Sharon (CON) 
edizioni Heinle & Heinle Pub collana Heinle & Heinle Pub (Paperback)

The Grammar Connection series offers a basal program in Academic, Adult, and International programs. The skills it develops are useful for students planning to enroll in college-level courses, adults planning to return to college, or high school students in preparation for college.

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Interlanguage Refusals

Interlanguage Refusals

Gass Susan M.  Houck Noel 
edizioni De Gruyter collana De Gruyter (Hardcover)

The authors study and describe refusal sequences as exemplified through the verbal and nonverbal strategies of a group of Japanese learners of English as they negotiate their way through a complete refusal interaction. Considered are the non-native speakers' verbal and nonverbal behavior and their language and nonverbal...

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