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Accepting Ourselves & Others

Accepting Ourselves & Others

Kominars Sheppard B.  Kominars Kathryn D. 
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An estimated 10 million addicts and alcoholics in the U.S. are homosexual or bisexual. In fact, the rate of substance addiction rises from one in ten in the general community to perhaps as many as one in three in the gay community. Accepting Ourselves, first published in 1989, was the first book to address the problems...

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Write for Life

Write for Life

Kominars Sheppard B.  McCourt Frank (FRW)  Petty Richard G. M.D. (INT) 
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A simple, sure-fire method to improve health and well-being Can writing help to heal the sick? Will it cure not just emotional wounds, but physical ones as well? Yes, says Dr. Sheppard Kominars emphatically. For anyone suffering from hypertension, chronic pain, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, and even cancer, writing...

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