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Optical Biosensors

Optical Biosensors

Ligler Frances S. (EDT)  Taitt Chris Rowe (EDT) 
edizioni Elsevier Science Ltd collana Elsevier Science Ltd (Hardcover) , 2008

Optical Biosensors, 2ed describes the principles of successful systems, examples of applications, and evaluates the advantages and deficiencies of each. It also addresses future developments on two levels: possible improvements in existing systems and emerging technologies that could provide new capabilities in...

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The Microflow Cytometer

The Microflow Cytometer

Ligler Frances S.  Kim Jason S. 
edizioni Pan Stanford Pub collana Pan Stanford Pub (Hardcover)

"Great book! Excellent compilation. From history of the very early days of flow cytometers to the latest unique unconventional microflow cytometers. From commercialization philosophy to cutting edge engineering designs. From fluid mechanics to optics to electronic circuit considerations. Well balanced and comprehensive."...

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