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N. O. K.

N. O. K.

Abergil Inbal (PHT)  Ritchin Fred (CON)  Becker Carol (CON)  Mayes Stephen (CON)  Decaul Maurice Emerson (CON) 
edizioni Daylight Community Arts Foundation collana Daylight Community Arts Foundation (Paperback) , 2017

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Henry Jacobson

Henry Jacobson

Jacobson Henry (PHT)  Forer Taj (EDT)  Itkoff Michael (EDT)  Mayes Stephen (AFT) 
edizioni Distributed Art Pub Inc collana Distributed Art Pub Inc (Hardcover) , 2013

Postcards Home is a record of a period of personal upheaval; of the endings and beginnings of very important relationships; of illnesses and deaths and births. All of the works in this book were taken with an iPhone, and most were immediately sent to someone he cared about, or were shared within his broader social...

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