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I Want a Pet!

I Want a Pet!

Morrison Cathy  Morrison Cathy (ILT) 
edizioni Tiger Tales collana Tiger Tales (Hardcover)

A little boy visits the zoo to look for the perfect pet but finds that the cheetah is too fast, the turtle is too slow, the gorilla is too hairy and the crocodile is too scary! Could it be that the best pet of all has been in front of his nose the whole time?

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The Tale of Moresy Bug and Benjamin Getts

The Tale of Moresy Bug and Benjamin Getts

Morrison Cathy (ILT) 
edizioni Bookmasters Dist Serv collana Bookmasters Dist Serv (Hardcover)

In the days before Christmas, Benjamin Getts thinks only of all the things he wants, but then a scary bug frightens him into remembering the true meaning of the holiday.

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