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Lost Dimension

Lost Dimension

Virilio Paul  Violeau Jean-louis (INT)  Moshenberg Daniel (TRN) 
edizioni Semiotext collana Semiotext (Paperback) , 2012

"Where does the city without gates begin? Perhaps inside that fugitive anxiety, that shudder that seizes the minds of those who, just returning from a long vacation, contemplate the imminent encounter with mounds of unwanted mail or with a house that's been broken into and...

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The Lost Dimension

The Lost Dimension

Virilio Paul  Moshenberg Daniel (TRN) 
edizioni Mit Pr collana Mit Pr (Paperback)

To read these five essays of 1983 is to begin to come to terms with the theoretical cataclysm of the present. In Lost Dimension, Paul Virilio considers the displacement of the concept of dimensional space by Einsteinian space/time as it is related to the transparent boundaries...

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