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To Love the Good

To Love the Good

O'Connor Patricia J. 
edizioni Peter Lang Pub Inc collana Peter Lang Pub Inc (Paperback)

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Woe Is I

Woe Is I

O'connor Patricia T. 
edizioni Penguin Group USA collana Penguin Group USA (Hardcover)

Ità's been càlled à“possibly the most populàr book on gràmmàr ever published.à” Now the witty bestseller thàt took the nàtion by storm is bàck in à revised, expànded edition with new dos ànd donà'ts from top to bottom. In this new Woe Is I, Pàtricià T. Oà'Conner displàys the sàme fresh, irreverent humor thàt hàs chàrmed...

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