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Treating Traumatic Bereavement

Treating Traumatic Bereavement

Pearlman Laurie Anne  Wortman Camille B.  Feuer Catherine A.  Farber Christine H.  Rando Therese A. 
edizioni Guilford Pubn collana Guilford Pubn (Paperback)

Writing for colleagues, psychologists present a multifaceted approach to therapy for someone who has experienced the sudden traumatic death of a loved one. The approach helps traumatic bereavement clients develop the internal and external resources they need to process the traumatic dimensions of the death. Trauma...

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Trauma and the Therapist

Trauma and the Therapist

Pearlman Laurie Anne  Saakvitne Karen W. 
edizioni W W Norton & Co Inc collana W W Norton & Co Inc (Paperback)

Trauma and the Therapist explores the role and experience of the therapist in the therapeutic relationship by examining countertransference (the therapist's response to the client) and vicarious traumatization (the therapist's response to the stories of abuse told by client after client). Therapists' awareness of attunement...

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