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Under the Ice

Under the Ice

Qitsualik Rachel A.  Korim Jae (ILT) 
edizioni Independent Pub Group collana Independent Pub Group (Paperback), 2012

Winter can be cruel in the Arctic, and food quickly grows scarce for those who cannot hunt. In these difficult times, the grandmother of an orphaned boy wishes aloud for the qallupaluit - strange, monstrous creatures that live under the sea ice - to take her grandson away forever. The old woman soon regrets her...

€ 9,60
The Shadows That Rush Past

The Shadows That Rush Past

Qitsualik Rachel A.  Fiegenschuh Emily (ILT)  Macdougall Larry (ILT) 
edizioni Independent Pub Group collana Independent Pub Group (Hardcover), 2011

The Shadows that Rush Past introduces young readers to some of the creepiest, scariest stories from Inuit mythology. These tales, told by critically acclaimed writer Rachel Qitsualik, bring to life four creatures from Inuit mythology: the amautalik, akhla, nanurluk, and mahaha.These tales are filled with childstealing...

€ 13,20
Qanuq Pinngurnirmata

Qanuq Pinngurnirmata

Qitsualik Rachel A.  Tinsley Sean A.  Fiegenschuh Emily (ILT)  Lewis-MacDougall Patricia Ann (ILT) 
edizioni Ingram Pub Services collana Ingram Pub Services (Paperback), 2008

Two of the North’s most gifted writers, Rachel A. Qitsualik and Sean A. Tinsley, have collaborated on this beautiful collection of treasured Inuit creation stories. Young readers will be immediately drawn in by the magic, humor, and wisdom in these inspired tales. This stunning children’s book invites a contemporary...

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€ 12,70