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Francis Poulenc

Francis Poulenc

Bernac Pierre  Radford Winifred (TRN)  Berkeley Lennox (FRW) 
edizioni Paul & Co Pub Consortium collana Paul & Co Pub Consortium (Paperback) , 2002

In 1935 the French baritone Pierre Bernac formed a duo with the composer Francis Poulenc that became a legend throughout the world. Unprecedented in the history of music, it was the first duo in which the singer and pianist were perceived as equals. It lasted for 25 years and was a determining influence on Poulenc's...

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The Interpretation of French Song

The Interpretation of French Song

Bernac Pierre  Radford Winifred (TRN) 
edizioni Kahn & Averill Pub collana Kahn & Averill Pub (Paperback) , 2002

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