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Hip Ideas for Hyper Dogs

Hip Ideas for Hyper Dogs

Ammen Amy  Foth-regner Kitty 
edizioni Howell Book House collana Howell Book House (Paperback)

Hyper dogs are often overly energetic, wickedly smart, and incredibly stubborn. How do you turn your furry flurry of activity into a sane, mild-mannered companion? This book gives you fun, hip techniques especially for hyper dogs and harried pet parents who want quick results. You'll discover how to:Help your dog burn...

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Heaven Without Her

Heaven Without Her

Foth-regner Kitty 
edizioni Thomas Nelson Inc collana Thomas Nelson Inc (Paperback) , 2008

A fascinating personal account of a libertarian feminist agnostic who discovered a dynamic faith.Kitty Foth-Regner was a secular feminist who had bought hook, line, and sinker the ideals and objectives of Betty Friedan's N.O.W. Kitty's mother-a woman of faith-became sick and clearly was destined to die rather quickly....

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