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Words the Turtle Taught Me

Words the Turtle Taught Me

Susan Richardson 
edizioni Cinnamon Press , 2018

€ 12,10
I Call to Remembrance

I Call to Remembrance

Richardson Susan B. (EDT) 
edizioni Rutgers Univ Pr collana Rutgers Univ Pr (Paperback)

"Toyo Suyemoto is known informally by literary scholars and the media as “Japanese America's poet laureate.” But Suyemoto has always described herself in much more humble terms. A first-generation Japanese American, she has identified herself as a storyteller, a teacher, a mother whose only child died from illness,...

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€ 29,20
Child by Child

Child by Child

Richardson Susan 
edizioni Abingdon Pr collana Abingdon Pr (Paperback)

A how-to guide to integrate children and youth with special needs into church programs and activities, including worship.Integrating children and teens with learning differences into church programs is a growing priority for nearly all congregations, large and small, yet many feel ill-equipped to "manage" those with...

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€ 11,30