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The Tibetan Book of Yoga

The Tibetan Book of Yoga

Roach Michael  Roach Geshe Michael 
edizioni Harmony Books collana Harmony Books (Hardcover), 2004

Yoga came to Tibet from India more than a thousand years ago, and it was quickly absorbed into the culture's rich traditions. In this small book readers will discover Heart Yoga, which developed over the centuries in the Gelukpa tradition of the Dalai Lamas. The program presented here combines popular yoga exercises...

€ 16,60
The Garden

The Garden

Roach Michael 
edizioni Image Books collana Image Books (Paperback), 2000

With The Garden, centuries of Tibetan Buddhist wisdom are brought to life for readers by one of its greatest Western teachers, Michael Roach. Through a parable in which a young man is brought into a mystical garden by a beautiful embodiment of Wisdom, Roach presents the pantheon of great Tibetan teachers. The nameless...

€ 13,90