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Pro Tools 8 Kit

Pro Tools 8 Kit

Shimonski Robert  Basile Chris 
edizioni Elsevier Science Ltd , 2009

Ever wondered how to record using a click track or mix to a master deck in Pro Tools? How about wishing you had step-by-step guidelines, to get it done right and get it done quickly? In one convenient, easy-to-follow package, Pro Tools master Rob Shimonski brings you the Pro Tools 8 Kit, a book and website combination...

€ 32,90
Client-side Attacks and Defense

Client-side Attacks and Defense

Shimonski Robert  Oriyano Sean-Philip 
edizioni Syngress Media Inc collana Syngress Media Inc (Paperback) , 2012

Individuals wishing to attack a company's network have found a new path of least resistance-the end user. A client- side attack is one that uses the inexperience of the end user to create a foothold in the user's machine and therefore the network. Client-side attacks are everywhere and hidden in plain sight. Common...

€ 41,10
Cyber Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Defense

Cyber Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Defense

Shimonski Robert  Zenir John (EDT) 
edizioni Textstream collana Textstream (Paperback) , 2014

At a time when online surveillance and cybercrime techniques are widespread, and are being used by governments, corporations, and individuals, Cyber Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Defense gives you a practical resource that explains how these activities are being carried out and shows how to defend against them....

€ 48,80