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Shopping in Marrakech

Shopping in Marrakech

Susan Simon 
edizioni Little Bookroom

How to choose among the thousands of shops, stores, and souk stalls? And how to even find them in this labyrinthine city, where street names and addresses seldom appear on the city map? Let Susan Simon guide you through the winding alleys, hidden courtyards, and bustling markets to uncover the best of the treasures...

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The Nantucket Holiday Table

The Nantucket Holiday Table

Simon Susan  Allen Jeffrey (PHT) 
edizioni Chronicle Books Llc collana Chronicle Books Llc (Hardcover)

From wreath-bedecked fishing boats to the sparkling Shoppers' Stroll, Nantucket Island captures the magical spirit of the holidays like no place else. Elegantly adorned with 75 beautiful full-color photographs, The Nantucket Holiday Table lets everyone celebrate the charm of the Island's traditions with favorite recipes...

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