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Human Evolutionary Genetics

Human Evolutionary Genetics

Jobling Mark  Hollox Edward  Hurles Matthew  Kivisild Toomas  Tyler-Smith Chris 

Now in full-color, the Second Edition of Human Evolutionary Genetics has been completely revised to cover the rapid advances in the field since publication of the highly regarded First Edition. Written for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students, it is the only textbook to integrate genetic, archaeological,...

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Food Quality Assurance

Food Quality Assurance

Alli Inteaz  Tyler-Smith Chris 
edizioni CRC Pr I Llc collana CRC Pr I Llc (Hardcover), 2017

Over the past decade, food quality assurance practices have changed dramatically, including the wide acceptance worldwide of the HACCP and the ISO 9000 series of standards. In keeping up with those changes, this new edition of what is considered the top textbook and reference in the field is extensively revised to...

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