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The Book of Genes & Genomes

The Book of Genes & Genomes

Willard Huntington 
edizioni Springer Verlag collana Springer Verlag (Hardcover)

The Book of Genes & Genomes  presents a concise overview of the advances in genetics and genomics and provide the unfamiliar reader with a succinct description of many of the applications and implications of this field. Given the substantial investment in genetics and genomics over the past several decades and the...

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Genomic and Personalized Medicine

Genomic and Personalized Medicine

Willard Huntington F. Ph.D. (EDT)  Ginsburg Geoffrey S. (EDT) 
edizioni Academic Pr collana Academic Pr (Hardcover) , 2008

This two-volume set provides an in-depth look at one of the most promising avenues for advances in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of human disease. The inclusion of the latest information on diagnostic testing, population screening, predicting disease susceptibility, pharmacogenomics and more presents this...

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