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The Stone-Campbell Movement

The Stone-Campbell Movement

Williams D. Newell (EDT)  Foster Douglas A. (EDT)  Blowers Paul M. (EDT)  Alvarez Carmelo (CON)  Hunnicutt Loretta Long (CON) 
edizioni Chalice Pr collana Chalice Pr (Hardcover) , 2013

The Stone-Campbell Movement: A Global History tells the story of Christians from around the globe and across time who have sought to witness faithfully to the gospel of reconciliation. Transcending theological differences by drawing from all the major streams of the movement, this foundational book documents the movement's...

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Barton Stone

Barton Stone

Williams D. Newell 
edizioni Chalice Pr collana Chalice Pr (Paperback)

Williams provides a fascinating look at the life and work of this nineteenth-century reformer, vividly portraying Stone's lifelong quest to understand and articulate the Gospel message, his views of church unity, and his lasting contribution.

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