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Grow Young With Hgh

Grow Young With Hgh

Klatz Ronald  Kahn Carol 
edizioni Avon A collana Avon A (Paperback), 1998

"Want to be healthy, vital , alert, and active on your 100th birthday? Then you must read this book."--Dr. Bob Goldman, president, National Academy of Sports Medicine Discover the Age-Reversing Benefits of Human Growth Hormone Lose Fat, Gain Muscle Increase Energy Level Increase Immune Function Enhance Sexual Performance...

€ 13,90
The Realage Diet

The Realage Diet

Roizen Michael F. M.D.  La Puma John M.d. 
edizioni Avon A collana Avon A (Paperback), 2002

Food Can Make You Younger!Dr. Michael Roizen presents his program for eating the RealAge way: a diet that is good for your overall health, plus works to delay or even reverse aging. If there's one thing you will learn from this book, it's that no matter who you are, if you eat foods that are high in nutrients and low...

€ 12,90