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Dream Magic

Dream Magic

Knight Sirona 
edizioni Harperone collana Harperone (Paperback), 2000

Magic Can Make Your Dreams Come True!What do you want to do tonight as you close your eyes and enter the magical world of dreams? Walk with the Faery Folk? Summon your soul mate? Ask the Goddess to grant you one special wish? Or experience a prophetic dream that will reveal your future? now you can access the magical...

€ 12,90
In Your Dreams

In Your Dreams

Delaney Gayle 
edizioni Harperone collana Harperone (Paperback), 1997

At last, an 'intelligent' dream dictionary – by an internationally renowned dream expert! No one-size-fits-all dream formulas here: Gayle Delaney provides simple, personalized tools to uncover the unique meaning in 'your' dreams.Ever wake

€ 14,80
The Shaman's Body

The Shaman's Body

Mindell Arnold 
edizioni Harperone collana Harperone (Paperback), 1993

From the author of Dreambody - a pioneering method of using crisis as a dynamic opportunity for accessing our inner world, confronting our fears, and catalyzing self-discovery.

€ 13,90