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My Grampy Can't Walk

My Grampy Can't Walk

Oelschlager Vanita  Hegan Robin (ILT)  Blackwood Kristin (ILT) 
edizioni Ingram Pub Services collana Ingram Pub Services (Paperback), 2008

Grampy has multiple sclerosis and uses a wheelchair, but that doesn't keep him from doing some pretty spectacular things with his grandchildren in this inspiring and enlightening story.

€ 7,90
Postcards from a War

Postcards from a War

Oelschlager Vanita  Blanc Mike (ILT)  Bauknight Wilfred (ILT) 
edizioni Ingram Pub Services collana Ingram Pub Services (Paperback), 2009

Postcards from a War is about a boy whose mother has recently been deployed overseas to a war. His grandfather, who was about the same age when his father left to serve in World War II, helps him understand why she has gone away. He shares with his grandson postcards and letters sent by his father from the Philippines....

€ 7,00