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Transforming Violent Political Movements

Transforming Violent Political Movements

Grisham Kevin E. 
edizioni Routledge collana Routledge (Hardcover) , 2014

This book explores the factors that influence violent rebellious political organisations to transform into other entities, such as political parties, criminal organisations and terrorist organisations. From the end of the Second World War until 1990, many events in the world centred on the bipolar struggle between...

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The Radical Pedagogies of Socrates and Freire

The Radical Pedagogies of Socrates and Freire

Brown S. G. 
edizioni Routledge collana Routledge (Hardcover)

Situating contemporary critical praxis at the intersection of the social, the political, and the rhetorical, this book is a provocative inquiry into the teaching philosophies of Plato’s Socrates and Paulo Freire that has profound implications for contemporary education. Brown not only sheds new light on the surprising...

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