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The Dreaming Universe

The Dreaming Universe

Wolf Fred Alan 
edizioni Simon & Schuster collana Simon & Schuster (Paperback), 1995

In The Dreaming Universe author Fred Alan Wolf examines the psychological and scientific elements of this most personal yet most enigmatic of human processes. By linking research ranging from the ancient Greek "dream temples" and modern experiments in telepathy, REM, and lucid dreaming to his own research on human...

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Dream Power

Dream Power

Richmond Cynthia 
edizioni Simon & Schuster collana Simon & Schuster (Paperback), 2001

Harness the Power of Your Dreams Understanding our dreams can give us a huge advantage in all facets of life, including work, love, health, and spirituality. Providing practical, step-by-step techniques for gaining access to our dream lives, dream expert Cynthia Richmond charts the landscape of dreams and their rich,...

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