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British and Irish Butterflies

British and Irish Butterflies

Dennis Roger  Hardy Peter 
edizioni Cab Intl collana Cab Intl (Hardcover)

€ 89,80
Radar Entomology

Radar Entomology

Drake V. Alistair  Reynolds Don R. 
edizioni Cab Intl collana Cab Intl (Hardcover) , 2010

Many of the world's most serious agricultural pests are highly migratory. Through the use of special-purpose radars we are provided with insights into their movement and how they learn about and navigate through their environment. This text examines the behavior and regional variations of these species, as well as...

€ 306,90
The Biology of Mosquitoes

The Biology of Mosquitoes

Clements A. N. 
edizioni Cab Intl collana Cab Intl (Hardcover) , 2012

This third volume on this crucial insect in human disease follows the first two, on mosquito physiology and mosquito behavior, respectively. Clements (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) begins with an introduction to the traditional and revised classifications of aedine mosquitos and explains why he has...

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€ 292,30