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Roman Diary

Roman Diary

Platt Richard  Parkins David (ILT) 
edizioni Candlewick Pr collana Candlewick Pr (Paperback), 2014

Relive the drama of the Roman Empire through the eyes of a young Greek slave in this latest installment in an acclaimed historical series.Iliona never imagined that her sea voyage from Greece to Egypt would lead her to Rome. But when her ship is boarded by pirates, that’s where she ends up — as a slave. Separated from...

€ 8,40
The Watch That Ends the Night

The Watch That Ends the Night

Wolf Allan 
edizioni Candlewick Pr collana Candlewick Pr (Paperback), 2013

Arrogance and innocence, hubris and hope--twenty-four haunting voices of the Titanic tragedy, as well as the iceberg itself, are evoked in a stunning tour de force.Millionaire John Jacob Astor hopes to bring home his pregnant teen bride with a minimum of media scandal. A beautiful Lebanese refugee, on her way to family...

€ 15,70
Shaolin Tiger

Shaolin Tiger

Fussell Sandy  James Rhian Nest (ILT) 
edizioni Candlewick Pr collana Candlewick Pr (Paperback), 2011

The unlikely heroes of the Cockroach Ryu face their greatest danger yet — a warrior seeking revenge against his former teacher, Sensei Ki-Yaga.The White Tiger Temple is under threat. To help the Shaolin monks, Sensei KiYaga and the whole gang of samurai kids— from Niya Moto, the boy with one leg to Taji, the boy who...

€ 6,50
Good Masters! Sweet Ladies!

Good Masters! Sweet Ladies!

Schlitz Laura Amy  Byrd Robert (ILT) 
edizioni Candlewick Pr collana Candlewick Pr (Paperback), 2008

Step back to an English village in 1255, where life plays out in dramatic vignettes illuminating twenty-two unforgettable characters.Maidens, monks, and millers' sons — in these pages, readers will meet them all. There's Hugo, the lord's nephew, forced to prove his manhood by hunting a wild boar; sharp-tongued Nelly,...

€ 10,30