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Crossing The Delaware

Crossing The Delaware

Peacock Louise  Krudop Walter Lyon (ILT) 
edizioni Simon & Schuster Merchandise & collana Simon & Schuster Merchandise & (Paperback), 2007

To some of us, the American Revolution might be little more than a dusty old piece of American history. But what would our lives -- our country and world -- be like if the American Revolution had ended practically before it had even begun? The Revolution did seem nearly over in the harsh winter of 1776. The Continental...

€ 10,40
The Egyptian Box

The Egyptian Box

Curry Jane Louise 
edizioni Simon & Schuster collana Simon & Schuster (Paperback), 2008

Tee (short for Leticia) Woodie and her family have moved into a big, old house that is a part of her father's inheritance from Great-uncle Sebastian. While exploring the contents of Great-uncle's antiques-and-junk store, they find a parcel marked FOR DEAR LETICIA, MY SHABTI BOX. The decorated Egyptian box inside holds...

€ 8,40


Calvert Patricia 
edizioni Simon & Schuster collana Simon & Schuster (Paperback), 2003

In the spring of 1865 the Civil War has finally ended. Men are coming home. Families are being reunited -- except for Tyler's. His father is going with a band of men to Mexico, where they will regroup, rearm, and continue the fight against the Yankees. Tyler is stunned. For four years he's dreamed of seeing his father...

€ 8,30