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Botany Illustrated

Botany Illustrated

Glimn-lacy Janice  Kaufman Peter B. 
edizioni Springer Verlag collana Springer Verlag (Paperback), 2006

This easy-to-use book helps you acquire a wealth of fascinating information about plants. There are 130 pages with text, each facing 130 pages of beautiful illustrations. Each page is a separate subject. Included is a coloring guide for the realistic illustrations. The illustration pages are composed of scientifically...

€ 59,80
Algal Chemical Ecology

Algal Chemical Ecology

Amsler Charles D. (EDT) 
edizioni Springer Verlag collana Springer Verlag (Paperback), 2009

Yet another Springer world-beater, this is the first ever book devoted to the chemical ecology of algae. It covers both marine and freshwater habitats and all types of algae, from seaweeds to phytoplankton. While the book emphasizes the ecological rather than chemical aspects of the field, it does include a unique...

€ 135,50


Bewley J. Derek  Bradford Kent J.  Hilhorst Henk W. M.  Nonogaki Hiro 
edizioni Springer Verlag collana Springer Verlag (Paperback)

This updated and much revised third edition of Seeds: Physiology of Development, Germination and Dormancy provides a thorough overview of seed biology and incorporates much of the progress that has been made during the past fifteen years. With an emphasis on placing information in the context of the seed, this new...

€ 77,80