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Harvest of Barren Regrets

Harvest of Barren Regrets

Mills Charles K.  Donovan James (INT) 
edizioni Univ of Nebraska Pr collana Univ of Nebraska Pr (Paperback), 2011

Frederick William Benteen (1834–98) was a military officer during the Civil War and the Black Hills War against the Lakotas and the Northern Cheyennes. He was in command of a battalion at the Battle of Little Bighorn, and some say that his controversial actions during the battle may have contributed to Custer's disastrous...

€ 22,60
Coastal Encounters

Coastal Encounters

Brown Richmond F. (EDT) 
edizioni Univ of Nebraska Pr collana (Paperback), 2008

Coastal Encounters opens a window onto the fascinating world of the eighteenth-century Gulf South. Stretching from Florida to Texas, the region witnessed the complex collision of European, African, and Native American peoples. The Gulf South offered an extraordinary stage for European rivalries to play out, allowed...

€ 22,90