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Meaney Roisin 
edizioni 5 Spot collana 5 Spot (Paperback) , 2011

Hannah Robinson is just about to open the doors to her new shop Cupcakes on the Corner when out of the blue her boyfriend Patrick announces that he's leaving her for another woman. Faced with starting a business on her own, Hannah begins to wonder if her life-long dream has just turned into a nightmare. So her best...

€ 12,90
One Good Friend Deserves Another

One Good Friend Deserves Another

Higgins Lisa Verge 
edizioni 5 Spot collana 5 Spot (Paperback)

HOW MANY OF THESE DATING RULES HAVE YOU BROKEN?1. Choose Your Own Man2. Make Sure Your Friends Approve3. No One-Night Stands4. Trust Your Instincts5. Never Make the Same Mistake Twice6. After a Break-Up, Wait Six Months Before Dating Again.Dhara, Kelly, Marta, and Wendy have been the closest of friends since college....

€ 12,30