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Oceans and Human Health

Oceans and Human Health

Walsh Patrick J. (EDT)  Smith Sharon L. (EDT)  Fleming Lora E. (EDT)  Solo-Gabriele Helena M. (EDT)  Gerwick William H. (EDT) 
edizioni Academic Pr collana Academic Pr (Hardcover) , 2008

This book highlights an unprecedented collaboration of environmental scientists, ecologists and physicians working together on this important new discipline, to the benefit of human health and ocean environmental integrity alike. Oceanography, toxicology, natural products chemistry, environmental microbiology, comparative...

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Environmental Radioactivity

Environmental Radioactivity

Eisenbud Merril  Gesell Thomas F. 
edizioni Academic Pr collana Academic Pr (Hardcover) , 1997

Environmental Radioactivity from Natural, Industrial, and Military Sources is the comprehensive source of information on radiation in the environment and human exposure to radioactivity. This Fourth Edition isa complete revision and extension of the classic work, reflecting major new developments and concerns as the...

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Pollution Prevention Through Process Integration

Pollution Prevention Through Process Integration

El-Halwagi Mahmoud M. 
edizioni Academic Pr collana Academic Pr (Hardcover)

The environmental impact of industrial waste is one of the most serious challenges facing the chemical process industries. From a focus on end-of-pipe treatment in the 1970s, chemical manufacturers have increasinglyimplemented pollution prevention policies in which pollutants are mitigated at the source or separated...

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