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One Night Stands and Lost Weekends

One Night Stands and Lost Weekends

Block Lawrence 
edizioni Avon A collana Avon A (Paperback), 2008

In the era before he created moody private investigator Matthew Scudder, burglar Bernie Rhodenbarr, sleepless spy Evan Tanner, and the amiable hit man Keller—and years before his first Edgar Award—a young writer named Lawrence Block submitted a story titled "You Can't Lose" to Manhunt magazine. It was published, and...

€ 13,10
Deadly Housewives

Deadly Housewives

Matthews Christine (EDT) 
edizioni Avon A collana Avon A (Paperback), 2006

Wisteria Lane has nothing on the grande dames of mystery. A Bitch In the House for the fiction set, Deadly Housewives is a mystery anthology from fourteen of today's best–loved and bestselling female mystery and suspense writers. Critically acclaimed mystery writer Christine Matthews has gathered the biggest names...

€ 11,90