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The Art of Dreaming

The Art of Dreaming

Castaneda Carlos 
edizioni Avon A collana Avon A (Paperback), 1994

Explores the teachings of sorcerer Don Juan, focusing on the amazing spiritual adventures attainable through dreams, including encounters with dangerous beings, cojoining energy bodies to dream together, and reaching new levels of knowledge and understanding. Reprint.

€ 12,90
Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine

Thomson Sandra A. 
edizioni Avon A collana Avon A (Paperback), 1999

Dreams -- windows into an inner world of hidden emotion and desire. Only by understanding our dreams can we fully know ourselves. And by recognizing the revealing subconscious meanings of our dreams and using that information in our waking lives, we have a greater opportunity for personal growth and change.Here is...

€ 13,90