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That Book

That Book

Symons Mitchell 
edizioni Avon A collana Avon A (Paperback)

Did you know that . . . John Wayne once won the dog Lassie from its owner in a poker game? Hijinks is the only word in the English language with three dotted letters in a row? The shortest war in history, between England and Zanzibar in 1896, lasted only thirty-eight minutes? Want to learn which U.S. president...

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Mental Floss

Mental Floss

Pearson Will (EDT)  Hattikudur Mangesh (EDT)  Green John (EDT) 
edizioni Avon A collana Avon A (Paperback) , 2006

Remember that time you bumped into Stephen Hawking at the clambake and his monologue on string theory went completely over your head? Man, was that awkward. Or remember the time you were at a party and someone asked, "Who knows how to perform open-heart surgery?" and you were the only one who didn't raise your hand?...

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