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How Washington Really Works

How Washington Really Works

Peters Charles 
edizioni Basic Books collana Basic Books (Paperback), 1993

Brought up to the minute in this new edition, How Washington Really Works exposes the Washington insiders know and hope you don't find out about. From the lobbyist and the bureaucrat straight up to the Congress and the President, Peters turns his sharp eye and ironic wit on the foibles and follies of the people running...

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The Renaissance Popes

The Renaissance Popes

Gerard Noel 
edizioni Basic Books collana Basic Books (Hardcover), 2006

Between the years of 1447 (Nicholas V) and 1572 (Pius V), the Vatican became the official home of the Church, and a succession of Renaissance Popes ? who were statesmen, warriors, and patrons of the arts as well as churchmen ? turned Rome into an unparalleled center for culture, and turned the Church into the world's...

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