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Renaissance Lives

Renaissance Lives

Rabb Theodore K. 
edizioni Basic Books collana Basic Books (Paperback), 2000

With Renaissance Lives, Theodore K. Rabb revives a tradition of writing that was often practiced by the historians of that astounding era: to tell the story of an age by examining the lives of those who lived it. Rabb's subjects are all people who felt change gather speed around them: from Titian and Galileo to Catherine...

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The Renaissance Popes

The Renaissance Popes

Gerard Noel 
edizioni Basic Books collana Basic Books (Hardcover), 2006

Between the years of 1447 (Nicholas V) and 1572 (Pius V), the Vatican became the official home of the Church, and a succession of Renaissance Popes ? who were statesmen, warriors, and patrons of the arts as well as churchmen ? turned Rome into an unparalleled center for culture, and turned the Church into the world's...

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