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Mass Communication in Israel

Mass Communication in Israel

Soffer Oren  Yalon Judith (TRN) 
edizioni Berghahn Books collana Berghahn Books (Hardcover) , 2014

Mass communication has long been recognized as an important contributor to national identity and nation building. This book examines the relationship between media and nationalism in Israel, arguing that, in comparison to other countries, the Israeli case is unique.

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Mediating Europe

Mediating Europe

Harrison Jackie (EDT)  Wessels Bridgette (EDT) 
edizioni Berghahn Books collana Berghahn Books (Hardcover)

Harrison (public communication, U. of Sheffield, UK) and Wessels (sociology, U. of Sheffield, UK) present a selection of 12 papers originally produced for the September 2004 international conference, "Changing European Public Spheres: Cultural and Media Contexts in Western and Eastern EU--Prospects and Challenges."...

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