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Objective Communication

Objective Communication

Peikoff Leonard  Wood Barry (EDT) 
edizioni Berkley Pub Group collana Berkley Pub Group (Paperback), 2013

Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism is increasingly influencing the shape of the world from business and politics to achieving personal goals. Here, Leonard Peikoff?Rand’s heir?explains how you can communicate philosophical ideas with conviction, logic, and, most of all, reason. Based on a series of lectures...

€ 15,70
Understanding Objectivism

Understanding Objectivism

Peikoff Leonard  Berliner Michael S. (EDT) 
edizioni Berkley Pub Group collana Berkley Pub Group (Paperback), 2012

Based on a series of lectures given in 1983 by Dr. Leonard Peikoff, Understanding Objectivism offers a deeper and more profound study of Ayn Rand's philosophy, and outlines a methodology of how to approach the study of Objectivism and apply its principles to one's life.For the legions of readers who treasure Atlas...

€ 16,60