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Ultimate Things

Ultimate Things

Carey Greg 
edizioni Chalice Pr collana Chalice Pr (Paperback)

Carey presents an introduction to the elements of apocalyptic discourse in the Hebrew Bible, the intertestamental texts of the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha, and the Jewish and Christian apocalyptic texts. He seeks to help modern readers perplexed by the rampant and somewhat outrageous depiction and interpretation of...

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Vision and Persuasion

Vision and Persuasion

Bloomquist L. Gregory (EDT)  Carey Greg (EDT) 
edizioni Chalice Pr collana Chalice Pr (Paperback) , 1999

Compiled for seminary classes at a time when interest in the so-called doomsday literature is at its peak, the essays in this collection offer solid methodological comments and specific exegetical essays on all the major apocalyptic texts, including Old Testament, New Testament, deuterocanonical, and one extracanonical.

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