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Ruth Benedict

Ruth Benedict

Mead Margaret 
edizioni Columbia Univ Pr collana Columbia Univ Pr (Paperback) , 2005

By weaving discussions of the personal and professional writings of Ruth Benedict, Margaret Mead presents the anthropologist's work in the context of her life and times. Mead also defends Benedict's humanistic approach to anthropology as she considers considers her most important works. In addition to a selection of...

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Thin Places

Thin Places

Armbrecht Ann 
edizioni Columbia Univ Pr collana (Hardcover)

Thin Places is an eloquent meditation on what it means to move between cultures and how one might finally come home, a particular paradox in a culture that lacks deep ties to the natural world. During the 1990s, Ann Armbrecht, an American anthropologist, made several trips to northeastern Nepal to research how the...

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