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Ladies of Labor, Girls of Adventure

Ladies of Labor, Girls of Adventure

Enstad Nan 
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At the beginning of the twentieth century, labor leaders in women's unions routinely chastised their members for their ceaseless pursuit of fashion, avid reading of dime novels, and "affected" ways, including aristocratic airs and accents. Indeed, working women in America were eagerly participating in the burgeoning...

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Accommodating Protest

Accommodating Protest

MacLeod Arlene Elowe 
edizioni Columbia Univ Pr collana (Paperback)

This book explores the puzzling phenomenon of new veiling practices among lower middle class women in Cairo, Egypt. Although these women are part of a modernizing middle class, they also voluntarily adopt a traditional symbol of female subordination. How can this paradox be explained?An explanation emerges which reconceptualizes...

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