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Hazardous Materials Handbook

Hazardous Materials Handbook

Delmar (COR) 
edizioni Delmar Pub collana Delmar Pub (Paperback) , 2008

The latest addition to our Firefighter's Handbook series, this book contains all the information from the hazardous materials response chapters in the full version of the Firefighter's Handbook, Third Edition. An ideal option for fire departments, academies, and schools in which hazardous materials topics are taught...

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HazMat Awareness Training Manual

HazMat Awareness Training Manual

Melander Paul 
edizioni Delmar Pub collana Delmar Pub (Paperback) , 2004

This training manual is part of an innovative training program, developed in conjunction with the North American Transportation Management Institute (NATMI). It utilizes a seminar format that concentrates on all levels of hazardous materials training. Transportation of hazardous materials by the trucking industry...

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