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Get the Sugar Out

Get the Sugar Out

Gittleman Ann Louise 
edizioni Harmony Books collana Harmony Books (Paperback), 2008

In this new edition of the bestselling Get the Sugar Out, nationally renowned nutritionist and well-known author Ann Louise Gittleman explains that sugar not only contributes to weight gain but also to mood swings, weakened immunity, diabetes, some cancers, and cardiovascular disease. Here she offers 501 simple, resourceful,...

€ 13,90
Little Sugar Addicts

Little Sugar Addicts

Desmaisons Kathleen 
edizioni Harmony Books collana Harmony Books (Paperback), 2004

Sugar Is Not LoveDo you have a smart, creative, loving child who is also cranky, inattentive, and sometimes downright obnoxious? If you've written off this negative behavior as “typical” for your child's age—whether toddler or teen—stop and think: Does your child have a taste for soda, sugary breakfast cereals, and...

€ 12,90