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The Crow

The Crow

Somtow S. P. 
edizioni Harpercollins collana Harpercollins (Paperback), 1999

The Eternal OneAt our human limits, when we've gone as for as flesh and imagination can take us, we meet the Eternal One.The Crow.His alabaster delicate features tell of his ivory goddess ancestry. Immemorially old, and inconsolable, he is there only for those who seek both revenge and love, and are willing to go all...

€ 13,60
The Crow

The Crow

Attanasio A. A. 
edizioni Harpercollins collana Harpercollins (Paperback), 2001

Ademon named Dren is looking for salvation. Satan's fiery underworld has become a foreign place to him. He feels he is different from the other souls. He's changed over time. He's ready for redemption. But getting out of hell is no easy task. Escaping was the easy part. But now, alone in a world unfamiliar to him,...

€ 12,10