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Give and Take

Give and Take

Karrass Chester L. 
edizioni Harpercollins collana Harpercollins (Paperback), 1995

A best-selling guide to negotiation in business and personal transactions shows readers how to zero in on what a buyer or seller wants, break a deadlock, handle objections, and ask the right questions. Original. National ad/promo.

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Know What Makes Them Tick

Know What Makes Them Tick

Siegel Max  Lichtenberg G. F. (CON) 
edizioni Harpercollins collana Harpercollins (Hardcover), 2010

Max Siegel started with none of the obvious advantages, yet again and again he built mutually beneficial partnerships?with peers, mentors, supervisors, and industry leaders?that took him to the heights of professional and personal achievement. He?s managed some of the world?s top recording artists, ballplayers, and...

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€ 20,20