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What to Eat in the Zone

What to Eat in the Zone

Sears Barry 
edizioni Harpercollins collana Harpercollins (Paperback), 2004

More than two million people worldwide are already experiencing the health and performance benefits of the Zone. Based on the hormonal consequences of food rather than the caloric content, the Zone treats food like a powerful drug that can help you maintain peak mental alertness, increase your energy, and reduce the...

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Sass Cynthia 
edizioni Harpercollins collana Harpercollins (Hardcover), 2010

There are no calories to count; no points or grams to memorize. Just begin choosing four daily meals from over one hundred delicious options (along with a mandatory daily chocolate escape), and you're well on your way to achieving your weight-loss goals. In thirty days on the program described in the Cinch! book,...

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Joy's Life Diet

Joy's Life Diet

Bauer Joy  Svec Carol 
edizioni Harpercollins collana Harpercollins (Hardcover), 2009

Forget low-carb, no-carb, low-fat, high-misery diets. How about a diet that's just no-gimmick and low-fuss? Each week, millions tune into Today for the Joy Fit Club, a celebration of ordinary people from around the country who have lost at least 100 pounds each through diet and exercise alone. Since Today nutrition...

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The L. A. Shape Diet

The L. A. Shape Diet

Heber David  Bowerman Susan 
edizioni Harpercollins collana Harpercollins (Hardcover), 2004

From one of today's most respected diet and nutrition experts: a 14–day weight loss plan designed to help you change your shape for life using a new breakthrough personalized protein prescription that has worked for thousands of his patients. Dr. David Heber's groundbreaking book What Color Is Your Diet? introduced...

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