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A Dispatch to Custer

A Dispatch to Custer

Johnson Randy  Allan Nancy P. 
edizioni Mountain Pr collana Mountain Pr (Paperback)

Tells the little-known story of Lieutenant Lyman Kidder, a young soldier sent on a mission in 1867 to deliver new orders to Lieutenant Colonel George Custer. On the way, a band of Sioux and Cheyenne ambushed Kidder's party, killing all 11 soldiers and an Indian scout. This account draws on letter by Kidder's family...

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Encyclopedia of Indian Wars

Encyclopedia of Indian Wars

Michno Gregory F. 
edizioni Mountain Pr collana Mountain Pr (Hardcover)

Michno has written widely about Little Big Horn and western history in general. Here he provides information on 675 conflicts between natives and the US military that took place west of the Mississippi between a new influx of Europeans westward, and the declared closing of the frontier. End notes identify precise sources...

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