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The Tarot

The Tarot

Place Robert Michael 
edizioni Penguin Group USA collana (Paperback), 2005

The Tarot is one of the few books that cuts through conventional misperceptions to explore the Tarot deck as it really developed in the Middle Ages and Renaissance Europe-not, as some would suggest, in the far reaches of Egyp-tian antiquity. Mining the Hermetic, alchemical, and Neoplatonic influences behind the evolution...

€ 15,70
Meditations on the Tarot

Meditations on the Tarot

Powell Robert Tr (TRN) 
edizioni Penguin Group USA collana (Paperback), 2002

Published for the first time with an index and Cardinal Hans Urs von Balthasar's afterword, this new English publication of Meditations on the Tarot is the landmark edition of one of the most important works of esoteric Christ-ianity. Written anonymously and published posthumously, as was the author's wish, the...

€ 21,30
The Tarot Handbook

The Tarot Handbook

Arrien Angeles 
edizioni Penguin Group USA collana (Paperback), 1997

In this updated edition of The Tarot Handbook, now with a new introduction by the author, Angeles Arrien takes tarot beyond the limits of the fortune-telling realm and shows us how this time-honored application is both a visual and symbolic map of consciousness, and a source of ancient wisdom. An exciting handbook...

€ 24,00
Color Your Own Tarot

Color Your Own Tarot

Columbia Doria  Gerber Melissa (CON)  Chernik Echo (ILT) 
edizioni Penguin Group USA collana Penguin Group USA (Paperback), 2006

A personalized tarot deck can foretell a bright future. An ideal purchase for anyone who has ever wished to get a peek into the future, the Rider-Waite-Smith deck has established itself throughout the years as the most popular type of tarot pack. With the handsomely packaged Color Your Own Tarot kit, readers will...

€ 12,80